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MSAP Industrial-Organizational Psychology Concentration

Industrial-Organizational Psychology – MSAP Concentration

MSAP Industrial-Organizational Psychology Concentration

Become an industrial-organizational psychology professional who promotes collaboration, empowerment, and productivity in the workplace with a profound understanding of applied psychology. The Industrial-Organizational concentration of the online MS in Applied Psychology is devoted to the theory and applications of psychology in group settings. It's an increasingly popular field: Business Insider named Industrial-Organizational Psychologist the No. 1 fastest-growing job in America in 2013.1 With demand in the marketplace comes an opportunity for multiple I/O psychology careers.

The IO concentration focuses on the study of the behavior, thoughts, attitudes, and feelings of people as they relate to other people, objects, events, and surroundings they encounter in the workplace. As an industrial-organizational psychology expert, you will use that information to maximize the economic and psychological well-being of all employees.

In this specialization, you will gain expertise in the discipline, science, and practice of Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Learn to:

  • Create and implement training programs.
  • Conduct research studies of organizational structure and performance.
  • Perform research and apply it to various workplaces.
  • Develop interview techniques and assessments to evaluate potential hires and employees for placement and promotion.
  • Organize departments, reporting structures, or physical workspaces to improve productivity.

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1"The 30 Fastest-Growing Jobs in America," Business Insider, Dec. 20, 2013, http://www.businessinsider.com/fastest-growing-jobs-2013-12?op=1