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Master's Degree in Strategic Communication and Public Relations Program FAQ

Master's Degree in Strategic Communication and Public Relations Program FAQ

Master's Degree in Strategic Communication and Public Relations Program FAQ

Below, you'll find a quick reference to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Sacred Heart's online SCPR program.

What are the admission requirements for the SCPR degree program?

To be considered for admission, applicants must have a Bachelor of Arts or Science Degree from an accredited four-year college. For specific admissions requirements, please visit the admissions page.

Is a GRE/GMAT required for admission?

No. Students are not required to submit scores for either test.

Who are the instructors in the online SCPR program?

The SCPR faculty consists of published scholars and media professionals who close the gap between theory and practice. Our Assistant Professor and Director of SCPR, Candice Parrish, is an award-winning scholar with experience in developing engaging, relevant coursework. Read more about her on the SCPR Faculty page.

What types of students take the online Master's in Strategic Communication and Public Relations program?

Students with undergraduate degrees in communication, media and related disciplines who are pursuing a career in public relations are interested in the SCPR program. Additionally, those who already work in related industries and are looking to advance their current position by updating their digital skills are also excellent candidates for the SCPR program.

Do I have to take classes at a certain time?

No. Online SCPR coursework is completely asynchronous, so you don't have to worry about being online at a certain time of day. Our flexible format allows students to access courses at times convenient to them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Are there other program options?

Sacred Heart offers a Strategic Communication and Public Relations program on campus in Fairfield, Connecticut.

How much time does it take to complete courses in the online SCPR program?

Online learning requires as much time and effort as a traditional campus course. In general, we suggest that you plan on spending between 12 and 15 hours each week for each three-credit course.

How long is each course?

Each class session is 8 weeks long.

How long will it take me to earn my degree?

You can complete this 36-credit program at a part-time pace of two years. Completion time is flexible.

How do I get started?

Review the SCPR admissions checklist to ensure you have all the necessary documentation for your admissions file; then you can apply online.

What are the technical requirements for online learning?

You must:

  • Have experience using the internet to communicate and find information.
  • Know how to use word processing software, such as Microsoft Word.
  • Know how to download files.
  • Be able to read and send emails, attach document files to email messages, etc.

You will need a computer with an up-to-date operating system and an internet connection.

How does the SCPR program prepare students for the job market?

In addition to coursework and real-world projects, the SCPR program offers master classes, presentations and events to prepare students for the job market. The program also has strong relationships with PR and communication firms like Edelman and Golin and will help students connect with opportunities for internships.

What makes SHU's SCPR program different from other communications and PR programs?

The master's in SCPR is a modern degree that focuses on developing practical and creative digital communication skills that students need to succeed in their careers. Students learn from accomplished scholars and industry professionals and graduate with a digital portfolio of work. The SCPR program also integrates a unique focus on ethics and social responsibility throughout the curriculum.

What types of jobs does the SCPR program prepare students for?

A: PR agencies, communications and marketing companies, and mid-sized and large organizations have growing strategic communication and PR needs. For examples of specific roles and industries, please take a look at the Career Outlook Page.

How is a graduate of the SCPR program more prepared than a peer working in the same field without the degree?

Graduates from the SCPR program are equipped with cutting-edge digital communication skills and are able to leverage the appropriate tools to develop, execute, manage and analyze communication initiatives across channels. They'll also leave with an impressive digital portfolio to take out into the job market.

To learn more about the unique Master's in Strategic Communication and Public Relations program at Sacred Heart University and how it helps you become a modern communications professional, request more information or call us toll free: 877-791-7181.