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LuAnn Etcher, PhD, GNP-BC, CPG

LuAnn Etcher, PhD, GNP-BC, CPG

LuAnn Etcher, PhD, GNP-BC, CPG

Clinical Associate Professor, Doctor of Nursing Practice Program

 Degrees and Certifications

  • JAHF & Atlantic Philanthropies Claire M. Fagin Fellow
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholar Alumnus
  • PhD, Wayne State University
  • Post-Master’s Certificate – Sleep, University of Pennsylvania
  • MSN, University of Michigan
  • BSN, University of Michigan
  • Gerontological Nurse Practitioner - Board Certified, ANCC
  • Professional Gerontologist, National Association of Professional Gerontologists (NAPG)

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Online DNP Program

Research Interests & Grants:

  • Sleep, Chronobiology, and Health
  • Global Health Nursing
  • Distance Education
  • Spirituality and Health

Article Publications:

  • Chickering, M., Spies, L., Keating, S., & Etcher, L. (2018, February). Nurses International White Paper: Nurses International’s framework for nursing education in low-resource countries. Retrieved from Nurses International Website: https://nursesinternational.org/nurses-internationals-framework-for-nursing-education-in-low-resource-countries/
  • Padhye, N. S., Bergstrom, N., Rapp, M. P., Etcher, L., & Redeker, N. S. (2017). Pressure ulcer risk detection from complexity of activity. In 2017 39th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society: Smarter Technology for a Healthier World, EMBC 2017 - Proceedings (pp. 2304-2307). [8037316] Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. doi: 10.1109/EMBC.2017.8037316
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  • Klymko, K., Etcher, L., Munchiando, J., & Royse, M. (2016). Video monitoring: A room with a view, or a window to challenges in falls prevention research? MEDSURG Nursing, 25(5), 329333.
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