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Education Partnership Opportunities with Sacred Heart

Invest in your business’ most important asset — your employees. Sacred Heart University’s online education partnership solutions help maximize your workforce’s potential, bridge skill gaps, create a multidisciplinary environment, and enhance the overall productivity of your organization.

The accredited online degree programs at Sacred Heart University are built to reflect the skills and knowledge needed in today’s leaders. Course content is delivered through the most innovative and engaging learning technologies, alongside the instruction of our award-winning, practitioner faculty. Classes are kept small to maximize the interaction between faculty and students. Our goal is to ensure your employees are able to drive solutions, continue contributing, and growing with your organization. Each program incorporates a rigorous curriculum based on pioneering trends that will arm your employees with solutions they can immediately apply to your organization.

Employee Benefits

Sacred Heart University’s education partnership program gives your employees the opportunity to advance their education now and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Save 10 percent on online tuition
  • Waived application fee

The University’s innovative curriculum will challenge your employees and expand their knowledge to help them build new skills in their current jobs and prepare them for future roles. Online degree programs seamlessly integrate into professionals’ busy schedules through asynchronous, 24/7 access to classwork. All coursework is online and field practicums may be completed locally, so there’s no need to take time out of work to go to campus. The education partnership program is a cost-free investment that pays dividends for both your organization and your workforce.

Sacred Heart University Online Degree Programs

Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Built with CACREP standards as a foundation, the master’s in clinical mental health counseling program prepares mental health counselors to make a difference in the global community.

Master of Arts in Strategic Communication and Public Relations

Create true-to-life projects, master digital content creation, and develop a robust portfolio, all in an environment that emulates a real agency setting.


Explore health care policy and ethics, principles of health care research, and the underlying theories of contemporary nursing.

MSN: Clinical Nurse Leader

Advocate for superior patient care and lead a team of integrated health care professionals, including social workers, pharmacists, physicians and fellow nurses.

MSN: Nursing Education

Complement your clinical experience with teaching skills and learn to design curricula, evaluate your students and step into the role of instructor.

MSN: Nursing Management & Executive Leadership

Discover how to manage a budget, create and implement administrative processes, make certain your procedures meet professional and ethical standards, and more.

MSN: Family Nurse Practitioner

Learn to conduct physical examinations, diagnose and treat common illnesses, and help patients take action to improve or maintain their personal well-being.

Master of Social Work (MSW)

Learn to aid vulnerable populations with a deeper understanding of modern social work theory and practice models, all from a perspective of truth and justice.

Master of Social Work (MSW): Direct Clinical Practice

Learn to assess and treat mental, emotional and behavioral disorders, chemical dependency, youth counseling, chronic illnesses and domestic conflicts.

Master of Social Work (MSW): Direct Community Practice

Explore social welfare, human behavior, social justice and research methods, and gain an understanding of how policy impacts social work.

Post-Master’s Doctor of Nursing Practice

Earn nursing’s highest credential and prepare yourself to lead with this practice-focused doctoral program. Develop the expertise needed for the most advanced leadership and clinical roles.

RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

Develop the knowledge required for today’s nursing roles while gaining the personal touch you need to become an even better nurse for your patients.

RN to Bachelor to Master of Science in Nursing

Gain access to top-tier nursing positions by earning both your BSN and MSN. Focus on providing exceptional patient care, or branch out into education, research, consulting or management.

Some of Sacred Heart University’s education partners include:

Employers Taking Action

Employers concerned about rapidly changing employee needs, an aging workforce, and a shortage of skilled workers are taking action. Many are preventing potential skill gaps and workforce shortages by investing now in educational programs that will help build their organization’s talent pipeline. According to Training Magazine, some of these activities include:

Establishing partnerships

With leading institutions to ensure employees have access to education resources. Organizations are encouraged to offer tuition assistance programs to employees and provide work environments that support those who need flexibility to return to school, study, and complete assignments. Research shows businesses that support employee educational attainment are rewarded for their efforts through more loyal, productive, and capable employees.


Some of the nearly $100 billion spent each year in training offerings toward degree completion for employees through college equivalency assessments. The American Council on Education (ACE) makes available to the private sector the evaluation of formal training toward ACE credit to reduce employees’ time to attain degrees and employer’s costs of tuition toward degrees. This concept also gives employees the opportunity to pursue graduate-level degrees sooner.

Learn More

Let us help you be prepared for changes in your business by creating a more highly-skilled and informed workforce. Click here to email a representative for more information on Sacred Heart University’s online education partnership solutions.