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MSAP: Community Psychology Specialization

MSAP: Community Psychology Specialization


The Master's in Applied Psychology program is
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Be a force for the greater good by applying psychology to community health. Community psychology focuses on understanding social issues that may cause or contribute to problems within a community. Community psychologists seek to prevent and mitigate these problems through research and proactive steps, such as counseling and educational programs. The Community Psychology concentration of the MS in Applied Psychology program prepares you to be an active agent of social change. With no clinical hours or experience in the psychology field needed, this specialization is perfect for students who are new in the field and want to advocate for positive change.

In this concentration, you’ll gain expertise that empowers you to:

  • Research issues to discover potential solutions and ideas for improvement to community problems.
  • Help disadvantaged or disenfranchised individuals feel more connected with their local communities.
  • Develop, implement, and assess action-oriented community-based programs.
  • Build relationships between individuals and community groups.

Community Psychology requires you to consider the cultural, economic, social, political, and environmental factors that influence people’s lives. This branch of psychology originates from many disciplines, including sociology, political science, science, and public health. While research is a part of the curriculum, the Community Psychology concentration of the MSAP degree emphasizes an action approach to creating and implementing real-world solutions for the benefit of communities and society.

Community Psychology Careers
Community psychologists work in a variety of fields, including:

  • Social service agencies
  • Health and human services agencies
  • Nonprofit groups
  • Community organizations
  • Government organizations
  • Private consulting

Learn more about the career outlook for community psychologists.

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