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How To Effectively Manage Time As a Nurse

How To Effectively Manage Time As a Nurse

Careers in nursing can be exciting, invigorating and rewarding, but they can also be a little stressful. The healthcare industry offers many enriching career paths, but some of those paths may prove a little demanding.

As you can see below, the typical nurse spends more than three-fourths of the working day interacting with colleagues and patients and managing medication. It can result in days that are exhilarating, but they may also be a little challenging at times. Those new to the field may want to enhance their nurse time management skills early on in their career to help them stay ahead of any stress that might arise. These skills will allow them to focus on what brought them to a career in nursing in the first place: delivering quality care to patients.

If you are new to the nursing profession – or still considering nursing schools – you owe it to yourself to take a look at the infographic below. Note how seemingly-simple tactics such as knowing when to ask questions, when to take charge and when to conduct in-depth research reinforces the fact you are in control. It also helps those you work with see it as well. Developing good nursing time management skills is equally important, as those skills will help you better manage the demands of a busy day.

Stress may occur, but careers in nursing are worth it. By adopting and mastering certain basic proficiencies, you can better manage your time – and your career!

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