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How to Be an Effective Nurse Leader

How to Be an Effective Nurse Leader

All nurses lead in various ways but if your plan is to eventually supervise and manage others in your field, there are certain leadership styles that have proven to be effective in managing your peers.

As the infographic below illustrates, effective nursing leadership begins with a self-evaluation to determine the leadership style that best suits your demeanor. Once you honestly appraise yourself and identify those key traits you prefer to use in supervising others, you can then identify which of the four main leadership styles best suits you.

Leadership in nursing is similar to all forms of leadership. : What do nursing professionals look for in a leader? Nurses look for traits in leaders that resemble common key qualities. They want leaders that are honest, engaged, and effective. If your career goals include becoming an effective nurse leader, then study the infographic below and look for those traits that most resonate with you. Consider it one more important step towards a rewarding career as a healthcare professional.

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