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10 MSN Careers: Nurses Doing What They Love

10 MSN Careers: Nurses Doing What They Love

MSN careers are flourishing, and if you want to be part of this rapidly growing area, an online MSN degree from Sacred Heart University can help you get where you want to go.

In Demand and On-the-Go

Nurses are among the most in-demand professionals in the U.S., and, partly for this reason, command rewarding salaries. In fact, a nurse with an MSN degree earns an average annual salary of $86,000.1 Here are some of the ways nurses are using their graduate-level degrees—and why they love their nursing careers.

1. Medical aesthetician. Medical aestheticians help patients make significant cosmetic improvements without relying on surgery. In this position, which marries health with beauty, you’ll be required to operate high-technology skin care devices. Spas, cosmetic treatment clinics, and plastic surgery centers are among the organizations that hire medical aestheticians.2

2. Clinical nurse leader. This position is perfect for nurses who love research-oriented tasks, as it allows them to work in a variety of fields—often as part of a research team.1

3. Nurse educator. If you like to pass on your love of nursing, a specialized MSN in nursing education will qualify you to teach at institutions ranging from community colleges to major universities and even hospitals and medical centers.1

4. Nurse practitioner. This position provides a wonderful way to stretch yourself as a nursing professional, and you can choose a select field of study, such as Ob/Gyn, family care or pediatrics, on which to focus.3

5. Nursing informatics. If integrating data and statistics with communication technologies interests you, then nursing informatics could be a great fit, with such exciting opportunities as chief nursing officer, researcher and software developer.4

6. Nurse administrator. If you’re good at managing people and motivating teams while making a difference, consider a future as a nurse administrator. The annual pay can be as much as $200,000.1

7. Nurse case manager. If social work appeals to you along with health care, a nurse case manager position provides the best of both worlds. You will work with physicians, social workers and others to meet your patients’ needs and find lasting solutions to some of the complex problems they face.3

Thinking Outside the Box

8. Holistic nurse. If you’re of the mindset that healing involves the mind and spirit as well as the body, then holistic nursing is a great way to encourage practices like self-care and spirituality into your patients’ everyday lives.

9. Fitness nurse. Combine fitness, stress management and preventative care with your nursing degree. This will enable you to work with like-minded professionals who help athletes on sports teams. Corporate fitness and wellness centers, spas and surgical centers are just a few of the places where fitness nursing is an emerging need.5

10. Forensic nurse. This specialized job involves more than just medical care. After treating a patient’s physical trauma, you will collect evidence and may even testify in court. This rewarding position offers a way to work with law enforcement or to assist in trauma centers and coroners’ offices.

Regardless of how you want to use your skills and passion in the nursing field, an MSN degree will help further your career. Sacred Heart University’s online program allows you to continue your current career while at the same time taking steps toward the future you’ve dreamed of. Request more information today and find out more about what our program has to offer or call (877) 791-7181.


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