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Why Choose a Degree in Social Work?

Why Choose a Degree in Social Work?

Why Choose a Degree in Social Work?

If you have a desire to help people, want to make a difference in the world, or are interested in advocating for the common good, a social work degree can open up the door to a variety of career opportunities. Sacred Heart University’s Master of Social Work program allows you to turn your desire to do good into a meaningful career that can impact countless lives. The online MSW program offers two concentrations: direct clinical practice and direct community practice. With either specialization you’ll be ready to take a leadership role in tackling challenges that affect many different types of people. While people from all backgrounds pursue this degree, many are compelled for one of the following reasons.

Following the opportunity to make a difference.

If asked, many people would admit to wanting a job where they feel like they are making a difference, but few careers offer that ability on a tangible level. Social work is an exception. A degree in social work gives you the ability to promote change on all levels of society, from the individual to a large community scale. With a social work degree, you can help people who have experienced trauma, be an advocate for those who need assistance, work toward social justice, or help advance changes in social policy. Few other career paths offer such a rewarding outcome.

Social work offers flexible career options.

Of all majors, social work offers one of the broadest ranges of job opportunities and settings. All types of businesses and organizations are in need of social workers, including public agencies, nonprofits, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, private businesses, and police departments. As a social worker you can be an educator, a therapist, a researcher, a political leader, administrator, manager, and more. With this flexibility comes an increase in the chance that you’ll find your niche in the vast social work field.

The field is experiencing increasing demand.

Social workers are in high demand, and the available job opportunities are projected to rise. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for social workers is expected to grow 12 percent between 2014 and 2024 - a rate that is faster than average.1 In fact, there will likely be more jobs available than social workers to fill the positions. This is especially true in the mental healthcare and substance abuse fields, which are showing an increased need for specialized social workers ready to take on advanced roles.2 Pursing an MSW degree is an excellent way to take advantage of this need and get the training necessary to fill a much-needed role.

Social workers are making a positive change in the way communities function. If you’re ready for a role as an agent of change in your community, a Master of Social Work degree from SHU is a step in the right direction. Click here to learn more information, or call us at 877-791-7181.