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Joslin B. Leasca, DNP, FNP, CNL, CNE

Joslin B. Leasca, DNP, FNP, CNL, CNE

Joslin B. Leasca, DNP, FNP, CNL, CNE

Clinical Associate Professor

Dr. Leasca earned her Diploma RN at St. Joseph Hospital's School of Nursing, her BSN at SUNY, Albany, NY; her MSN at the University of Rhode Island; and was the inaugural DNP at the University of Rhode Island. Her professional and research focus is Critical Social Theory and includes policy, ethics, lifelong learning, family practice, the Clinical Nurse Leader, and the Certified Nurse Educator. Dr. Leasca is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Leader, and Certified Nurse Educator.

Dr. Leasca has been awarded the ANCC National Nurse Practitioner Excellence Award, the Rhode Island Nurse Leader Award, and the Connecticut Nightingale Award for Excellence in Nursing. She is the CEO and Owner of Mama's Nuts Nutrition, which has as its focus the management of chronic disease through nutrition.

In collaboration with Dr. Linda L. Cook, Dr. Leasca contributed the "Trends in Leadership" chapter to Essential Knowledge for CNL and APRN Nurse Leaders, the first textbook to specifically address these roles in the nurse leadership field. The chapter explores the types of leadership necessary to effectively facilitate evidence-based change in change-resistant healthcare environments.

City/State: South Kingstown, RI


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