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Nursing Jobs for RNs, BSNs and MSNs

Nursing Jobs for RNs, BSNs and MSNs

Nursing Jobs for RNs, BSNs and MSNs

Employment for RNs is exploding: the field is expected to grow 26 percent from 2010 to 2020.1 But the best opportunities will be for nurses with advanced degrees in nursing. Earning your BSN and MSN in one program from Sacred Heart University will put you on the path to taking advantage of the most attractive jobs. And you’ll get there faster than you would earning your degrees one at a time.

Job and Salary Outlook for RNs with a BSN

As RNs pursue higher career goals with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, they may choose to remain in bedside nursing or go after careers that have less to do with patient care and more to do with research, education, consulting or management. Job titles that may be available to graduates of Sacred Heart's online RN to BSN program include:

  • Nurse Case Manager - $65,000 annually3
  • Quality Assurance Coordinator - $64,000 annually4
  • Patient Nurse Navigator - $48,000 annually5
  • Clinical Informatics Systems Analyst - $65,0006
  • Clinical Research Nurse - $65,5007
  • Patient Care Manager - $66,6008

Average MSN Graduate Salary: $83,0002

Many jobs will require nurses with the advanced expertise to handle complex tasks, planning, technology and equipment. It’s worth gaining that knowledge: The average Master’s in Nursing salary is $20,000 more than salaries for BSN, ADN and diploma graduates, and master’s-prepared nurses report the highest rates of feeling “extremely satisfied” at their jobs.2

Job and Salary Outlook for RNs with an MSN

Advanced credentials and education from Sacred Heart’s RN-BSN-MSN program will open the door for higher-level and leadership nursing positions in a variety of areas, including patient care and non-clinical jobs in healthcare. A sample of the job titles that may be available to graduates of Sacred Heart's online RN to MSN program include:

      • Director of Patient Care Services - $91,000 annually9
      • Clinical Nurse Educator - $69,000 annually10
      • Nurse Manager - $76,000 annually11
      • Health and Social Services Manager - $52,000 annually12
      • Program Manager - $76,000 annually13
      • Director of Nursing Education - $67,000 annually14
      • Clinical Director - $70,000 annually15
      • Director of Nursing - $82,000 annually16
      • Mental Health Program Manager - $53,000 annually17
      • Nutrition Services Manager - $51,000 annually18
      • Practice Administrator RN - $70,000 annually19
      • Pharmaceutical Nurse Educator - $82,000 annually20

The most opportunities for employment are expected to be in outpatient clinics, home health care, and long-term rehabilitation and care facilities, many of which will require RNs with master's degrees in nursing to manage and coordinate complex tasks, planning, and treatment.

Learn more about cracking open career opportunities with SHU's online RN-BSN-MSN. Click here for more information or call 877-791-7181 to speak with an Admissions team member.

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