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State Authorizations for Distance Learning

Sacred Heart University is required to seek approval to offer distance education (online) programs in most states in the country. As these regulations are continuously evolving, Sacred Heart University makes every effort to maintain compliance and is working with each state to gain the appropriate authorization for each of our programs.

Sacred Heart University is authorized to operate in all states that participate in the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA).  Approval for institutional participation was granted by the State of Connecticut Office of Higher Education on January 11, 2017.


Sacred Heart University College of Nursing is required to meet state higher education requirements and state board of nursing regulations for students who reside outside the state of Connecticut.

New York

Due to requirements of the New York Office of the Professions, Sacred Heart University College of Nursing is restricted from offering clinical placements for APRN licensure programs in the state of New York. Therefore, students from the state of New York or any other state may enroll in the MSN/FNP or FNP/DNP but MAY NOT complete any clinical preceptorships in the state of New York. If students from the state of New York or any other state enroll in these programs, it is with the understanding that all clinical hours MUST be accrued a state other than New York.

However, students from the state of New York or any other state enrolled in non-licensure programs offered by Sacred Heart University College of Nursing (RN-BSN, non-FNP/MSN, and Post Master’s DNP Programs) MAY complete the required clinical preceptorships in agencies within the state of New York as these programs do not lead to advanced practiced licensure.

Clinical Placements

Sacred Heart University College of Nursing understands the complexity of clinical placements and the limited availability of appropriate primary care clinical sites to meet the educational needs of our students. We are committed to providing sites that meet both the learning objectives and the student needs. Also, we understand the personal logistics and planning that are required to complete portions of your clinical education.

With that in mind, we acknowledge there are limited opportunities in primary care for students residing in the state of Connecticut. Students from Connecticut wishing to enroll in the Online MNS/FNP program can seek clinical placements in any state other than New York (see New York above). Once a student has identified a placement site and preceptor, our Clinical Placement Coordinator will work with the student to secure the placement. Students will be asked to accept the limitations of placement at the time of enrollment.

Sacred Heart University is committed to complying with other states’ authorization regulations. Please visit our Disclosures and Student Complaints page.

For information regarding licensure and certification disclosures for Nursing programs, visit the Nursing Licensure & Certification Disclosures page.