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RN to Bachelor to Master of Science in Nursing Overview

RN to BSN to MSN

RN to Bachelor to Master of Science in Nursing Overview

Accelerate Your Career

Accelerate your path toward nurse leadership with Sacred Heart's online RN–BSN–MSN program. If you have a diploma or associate’s degree in nursing, this program provides you with a faster route to a master’s degree and more career opportunities.

Save money: Take graduate classes at the undergraduate level and tuition rate.

Save time: This program requires you to take only eight or nine MSN classes instead of 12. Plus, you’ve earned your BSN along the way to your master’s.

Watch the video and learn about what sets the RN-BSN-MSN apart from other online nursing programs from Sacred Heart's faculty members:

Read the video transcript

LINDA STRONG: What makes Sacred Heart different from other institutions? It is a caring community, that step that comes down from the top on down to all students, staff, and faculty.

MARLENE BECK-WILSON: There is a sense of everyone being supportive of each other and being compassionate to each other.

MARIO WINFREY: You're never by yourself. So full support. We want to make sure we're setting them up for success.

DENISE JENNINGS: The unique benefits to Sacred Heart's RN to BSN program is that it's not going to teach a nurse how to be a nurse, but it's a program that's going to give them the skill sets and the knowledge to take their nursing to the next level. So what does it mean to be a nurse?

LINDA STRONG: The Human Journey in Nursing, it really gets the basic values of who we are as people, who we are as nurses.

DENISE JENNINGS: The core curriculum itself has been recognized as a national model that is values driven. It also is a curriculum that, by other universities all around the country and into Canada, has been often replicated, but never duplicated.

LINDA STRONG: It asks, what does it mean to be human? What it means to lead a life of purpose, and how do we forge a just society? Because they no longer are going to focus just on those skills of doing that dressing, changing the IV, it's the interaction, that communication, the relationship building. They end up being a better nurse in the real world.

LINDA MORROW: Our student-to-faculty ratio is very small. It's 20 students for one faculty member. So this gives the student individualized attention.

MARIO WINFREY: The student would be assigned a student services coordinator, which is great because their going to be with them from beginning to end in the program.

MARLENE BECK-WILSON: The faculty-student interaction is ongoing. It is present in the classroom. And it is present outside of the classroom as well. Teaching involves role modeling. And I love to use examples of my professional experience. I integrate that, and in not just content, but in discussion questions and providing students with feedback.

LINDA STRONG: The evidence tells us that a better educated nurse provides better nursing care.

DENISE JENNINGS: The nurses that come out of the Sacred Heart curriculum know their stuff. They're very well prepared, and they're very well recognized as experts in their field.

Choose an MSN Specialization

Along with a fast track to two in-demand nursing degrees, SHU offers three specializations within the online RN–BSN–MSN program to show you how to become a nurse leader. Choose the option that aligns with your career goals and interests.

RN-BSN-MSN Program Features

Learn more about how you can earn two degrees in one convenient program with SHU’s online RN–BSN–MSN. Click here or call 877-791-7181 to speak to an Admissions team member.

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