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Online RN-BSN-MSN: Tuition

Cost per credit hour
  • $390 per undergraduate (BSN) credit hour

  • $695 per graduate (MSN) credit hour (Applies to the CNL, NE, and NMEL concentrations)

  • $955 per graduate (MSN) credit hour (Applies to the FNP and PMHNP concentrations)
Total number of credit hours
  • 30–120 undergraduate credit hours (depending on transfer credits)
  • 24–27 graduate credit hours (depending on your MSN specialization)
We accept up to 90 transfer credits for the undergraduate portion of this program.
Total estimated cost, minus fees $28,380–$30,465 (with 90 undergraduate transfer credits)
$63,480-$65,565 (without transfer credits)
Additional Fees

  • Application Fee: $75

  • Registration Fee: $115 (Charged once per 16-week semester)

  • Library Fee: $40 (Charged once per 16-week semester for graduate coursework only)

  • Learning Technology Fee: $200 (Applies to NU 325, 554, 611, 612)

  • Lab Fee: $1300 (Applies to NU 552, 621 and 573)

  • Clinical Oversight Fee:

    • $200 (Applies to NU 376, 387, 619, 672, 673, 680, 681, 690, 691)

    • $2,000 (Applies to NU 561, 621, 571, 572 and 573)

    • $1,000 (Applies to NU 606 and 607)

    This program’s estimated tuition doesn’t include textbooks, supplies, personal expenses and other fees you might incur.
*This is an estimate of total tuition based on the current school year cost per credit and is subject to change.

Military Students

We honor the dedication and service of those in the military and are committed to helping them succeed.

Ranked as one of the Best Colleges for Veterans in the North by U.S. News & World Report, Sacred Heart University is one of the first institutions in Connecticut to become a Yellow Ribbon School, and is also approved for both the Montgomery and Post 9/11 GI Bills.

To find out if you are eligible to receive military education benefits, please feel free to request more information or call us at 877-791-7181.

What Financial Aid Is Available?

Pursuing a graduate degree requires a commitment of both time and money. At Sacred Heart University, we are committed to helping you explore all of the financial aid options that are available to you.

Learn more about what we can do to help make this process easier for you.

Financial Aid Options