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RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Student Testimonials

RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Student Testimonials

Student Testimonial: Walida M.

Overall, the online program is very convenient for those who have families and work full-time.

- Walida M., New Haven, CT
RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Student Testimonial: Janice Rhodes

The most beneficial part of the program was the convenience and flexibility it allowed. Though it took commitment and discipline, I was able to work full time, and still have time to be involved with my two small children and husband. Even though it was an online class, I was able to get timely feedback from the professors. They were easily accessible and efficient. Two years went by really fast. At times, you will feel discouraged with all the readings and paper submissions, but it is definitely worth it. I felt I had support. Financial aid staff was very, very helpful. I was pleased with the program. I definitely would recommend it to others.

- Janice Rhodes, Hamden, CT
RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Student Testimonial: Beverly Capasso

The classroom--in the privacy of your home! The professors were extremely helpful and worked with you; they were accessible and did everything they could to ensure you had a great learning experience.

SHU is a great university; they truly care about their students and want to see you succeed. Online learning is not for those that want the face to face interaction but for the adult learner that is employed to me is the only way to go! Workload can be challenging so setting time for course work and reading is essential to your success!

- Beverly Capasso, Parkland, FL
RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Student Testimonial: Daniel Hendrickson

The flexibility of this program's online format afforded me the opportunity to work full-time and still be an active presence in my home. The level of autonomy inherent to this type of educational environment is, in itself, valuable. Although the same can be said about the traditional classroom setting, the amount of effort and time one is expected to put forth in an online class is wholly dependent on an individual's level of commitment to personal, academic, and professional growth. One of the most beneficial parts of the program is that pride in achievement is commensurate with a resolute willingness to work hard. Also, the degree of cultural diversity in the online classroom is unmatched elsewhere, and a true benefit of the experience. Whether it's an instructor facilitating a heated topical discussion from Bremen, or a student from Perth explaining health care in Australia, it's difficult to get this type of insight as readily in a traditional classroom.... throughout this program, the human element was always present, always essential; this may be the most fundamental and beneficial part of this program.

- Daniel Hendrickson, Seymour, CT
RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing