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Nurse working in a hospital


As one of the most in-demand professions, nurses cater to the growing population of sick, elderly and addled patients in the United States. Not only is there a call for nurses, but a call for nurse leaders, nurse educators and nurse administrators to teach and guide the next generation of nurses in multiple settings. With this intricate field, growing population and ever-evolving technology, it is vital to stay at the forefront of efficient care, while keeping compassion intact.

What’s the Difference Between an RN Diploma and a BSN Degree?

If you are interested in the field of nursing, you have options when it comes to the kind of degree you can earn. The more education you receive, the more career opportunities you will have and the more money you will earn. An RN diploma is a good place to start your nursing career, but RNs who go on to earn BSN degrees have both more career choices and command higher salaries.

What Type of Nurse Am I?

A nursing career is not only challenging and rewarding, it can be multifaceted. Periodically checking in on your academic and professional achievements, is one way to ensure your nursing career is on track. Staying on track can lead to a professional rewarding and satisfying nursing career.