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Where Are Nurses Needed Most? [Infographic]

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It’s never too early for nursing students and recent nursing school grads to think about how they intend to use their skills or to consider where the best places to be a nurse might be.

Department of Labor research confirms a nursing shortage is unfolding, so right now the demand for nurses is high. But, as the infographic below documents, not all nursing opportunities are created equally.

For instance, as you can see, working as a Registered Nurse is a smart career move, but it looks more promising for those nursing professionals seeking employment in California and Texas than, those RNs planning to practice in Wyoming or Vermont.

Similarly, Nurse Midwives seeking financial rewards might want to consider applying at surgical hospitals in California, rather than specialized facilities in Tennessee, where the typical nursing salary runs on the low end of the spectrum.

Of course, these are just generalities, but the data below gives aspiring nurses plenty to think about. Whether you are planning on teaching other nurses or working in a fast-paced hospital setting, be sure you consider all of your options. Where do nurses work? The answer is “everywhere”; but some regions offer greater opportunities.

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Infographic that shows where nursing professionals have the most career opportunities in the U.S.

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