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Bronwyn Cross-Denny, Ph.D., LCSW

Bronwyn Cross-Denny, Ph.D., LCSW

Assistant Professor, Department Chair, MSW Program Director


Dr. Cross-Denny has practice experience in a variety of mental health issues including grief and loss, trauma, family challenges, parenting, and addiction. She was involved in the Connecticut statewide-social work response to 9/11—working with FEMA, The American Red Cross and the state of CT—to develop programming and help those affected by that terrible day. She’s an editorial board member for the Research on Social Work Practice Journal, and for the Society for Social Work Research, as well as a consulting editor for Advances in Social Work and Social Work Education: An International Journal.

Degrees & Certifications

  • PhD in Social Work; 2012; Fordham University
  • MSW; 1996; Fordham University
  • BS in Computer Science; 1986; Western Michigan University
  • LCSW; 1999-present; CT

Life happens, even when you pursue a degree and don’t have time for anything else except what’s already planned. While I was in the middle of my MSW program, I broke my leg. The recovery was a long process, and I had to rework my entire schedule to complete my degree. I did it, and students can overcome their life challenges as well. I had a student who missed a month of school in her senior year because she needed to recover from an injury and resulting surgery. I worked with her to make up the work, including field hours. We worked through her challenges and developed a plan so she was able to graduate on time. Life won’t stop because you need it to. Challenges are solvable — you simply need to seek the support and resources you need to accomplish your goal; we’ll help you.

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Research Methods
  • Program Evaluation
  • Human Diversity and Social Justice

Research Interest & Grants

  • Social and economic justice, human diversity, social determinants of health, equitable mental and physical healthcare, addiction
  • University Research and Creativity Grant, AY 2016-17
  • Academics for Creative Teaching (ACT) Grants, AY 2013 to present
  • CT Council on Problem Gambling, 2013-present
  • LessThanUThink Campaign with SHU Wellness Center in collaboration with University of Alabama, 2013-present

Honors, Awards & Fellowships

  • Innovative Teaching Award, Sage Publications and Council on Social Work Education, CSWE Annual Program Meeting, Denver, CO, October 2015
  • Council on Social Work Education: Council on Racial, Ethnic, and Cultural Diversity Co-Chair: Council on Racial, Ethnic, and Cultural Diversity, July 2014-17
  • Member: Council on Racial, Ethnic, and Cultural Diversity, July 2012-15
  • The Dr. Marian Calabrese Outstanding Faculty Award, Campus Life Leadership Awards, Sacred Heart University, May 2013
  • Faculty Excellence Award, University College, Sacred Heart University, May 2012

Publications & Presentations

  • Michael A Robinson, Bronwyn Cross-Denny, K H Lee, L M Werkmeister Rozas, et al.. "Teaching Intersectionality: Transforming Cultural Competence Content in Social Work Education" Journal of Social Work Education Vol. 52 Iss. 4 (2016).
  • Greer, Anna E. PhD; Cross-Denny, Bronwyn PhD; McCabe, Michelle MA; Castrogivanni, Brianna BS, Giving Economically Disadvantaged, Minority Food Pantry Patrons' a Voice: Implications for Equitable Access to Sufficient, Nutritious Food. Family & Community Health: Vol. 39, Iss. 3 (2016).
  • Ann Marie Yamada, Lisa Marie Werkmeister Rozas, and Bronwyn Cross-Denny Research and Evidence-Based Practice, Race, Ethnicity, and Culture, Gender and Sexuality, Human Behavior, Poverty. Online Publication Date: Mar 2015 DOI: 10.1093/acrefore/9780199975839.013.961.
  • Bronwyn Cross-Denny, Ashleigh Betso, Emily Cusick, Caitlin Doyle, Mikaela Marbot, Shauna Santos-Dempsey Constructing a Deconstruction: Reflections on Dismantling Racism. Reflections Narratives of Professional Helping. Vol. 21, No 3 (2015).