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Online Master of Science in Nursing: Tuition

Cost per credit hour$695

We also offer a per-credit-hour rate of $625 to students employed by our educational partners. Request more information to find out if you qualify.
Total number of credit hours36–39
Total estimated cost, minus fees$25,020–$27,105
Other costs to budget for
  • Registration Fee: $115 (Charged once per 15-week semester)
  • Library Fee: $40 (Charged once per 15-week semester)
  • Clinical Oversight Fee: $200 (This fee applies to NU 619, 672, 673, 680, 681, 690, 691)
  • Learning Technology Fee: $200 (Only charged for NU 554, 611, 612)
  • Application Fee: $75

This program’s estimated tuition doesn’t include textbooks, supplies, personal expenses and other fees you might incur.

Consider these items when determining your MSN program cost.

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No transfer credits accepted for this program

Financial Aid

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* The Tuition Calculator is based on programmatic information and student-generated inputs. All financial calculations should be taken as potential estimations and not actuals. To get a more accurate sense of total tuition, please consult with an enrollment team member.

Military Students

We honor the dedication and service of those in the military and are committed to helping them succeed.

Ranked as one of the Best Colleges for Veterans in the North by U.S. News & World Report, Sacred Heart University is one of the first institutions in Connecticut to become a Yellow Ribbon School, and is also approved for both the Montgomery and Post 9/11 GI Bills.

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What Financial Aid Is Available?

Pursuing a graduate degree requires a commitment of both time and money. At Sacred Heart University, we are committed to helping you explore all of the financial aid options that are available to you to cover the MSN program cost.

Learn more about what we can do to help make this process easier for you.

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