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Master’s in Nursing

Master of Science in Nursing

Master’s in Nursing

Being a nurse is your passion, but it takes more than just passion and commitment to be a truly great nurse. Nurses today also need advanced expertise to successfully face the challenges of health care, including new technology, complex organizational structures, and more intricate medical procedures. Sacred Heart University’s online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) provides you with the superior clinical, administrative and educational skills you need to thrive in this environment and move into management roles.

Watch the video and learn about the program from Sacred Heart's MSN faculty members:

Read the video transcript

LINDA MORROW: An MSN is required in many institutions for managerial positions and to accelerate your career goals.

MARIO WINFREY: We do have one of top 10 online programs, most particularly in the MSN program.

LINDA STRONG: What makes a Sacred Heart University experience unique is that all the curriculum is values driven. It gets the student back to why they wanted to be a nurse in first place.

DENISE JENNINGS: Our nursing program has been around for over 30 years. So it's tried and true in its experiences and its knowledge, as well as its delivery methods

MARLENE BECK-WILSON: Specialization is important in an MSN program because it sets you apart from other nurses with advanced degrees.

DENISE JENNINGS: We offer three specializations, a Clinical Nurse Leader, the Patient Care Services Administration and Nursing Education. RNs should choose the Clinical Nurse Leader track if they love being a bedside nurse because they bring the most current evidence-based practice to the bedside in the multidisciplinary fashion.

LINDA MORROW: Patient Care Services Administrative track is so that they can get the specialization that they need to be successful leaders in organizations in health care systems.

MICHELLE JOHNSON: I teach in the Nurse Ed track so I teach Nurses, actually, how to teach. I try to model behavior for my students. The kind of things that I want them to emulate when they become teachers.

MARLENE BECK-WILSON: Our faculty are all doctor prepared nurses. And we all have extensive experience in the specialties that we teach.

LINDA MORROW: Not only are our students from all over the country but our faculty are. And I think that brings together a richness to our program.

MICHELLE JOHNSON: When I taught in the face to face environment I used to always tell stories to my students. When I transitioned to online education I was kind of worried that I'd lose that component. But I share with them both my positive and negative experiences that I have had.

LINDA MORROW: I make myself available to online students in whatever way that they would like to communicate, whether it's email, Skype or just picking up the phone and calling me.

MICHELLE JOHNSON: Coming to Sacred Heart you are going to be a leader in the nursing profession.

Specialize in Nursing Leadership Roles
Among all the types of nursing degrees available to you, choose one that allows you to customize your learning experience to reflect your career goals. Sacred Heart’s online MSN offers three specializations that speak to your passion in the nursing field, elevate you to leadership positions and match nursing’s growing needs.

  1. Clinical Nurse Leader (348 hours of role immersion): Learn to lead an integrated team of health care professionals. As an integral part of patient care at the bedside, gain the skills and knowledge designed to address complex challenges involving patient safety, quality of care, and costs. This program prepares students to sit for the American Association of Colleges of Nursing CNL Certificate Exam.

  2. Patient Care Services Administration (120 hours of clinical practicum): As a nurse, you know the ins and outs of patient care and have an advantage over administrators who are not nurses. With this specialization, you will move into a role of administrative authority and higher responsibility ensuring effective and efficient care across all levels of a healthcare organization, among patients and providers. Learn how to practice positive management and leadership by incorporating administrative tools and skills.
  1. Nursing Education (120 hours of clinical practicum): Pass on your hard-won expertise and teach others to become nurses! This fulfilling specialization is designed to complement your clinical expertise with skills in teaching and learning strategies. The curriculum provides an understanding of issues in nursing education, application of curriculum design and evaluation theory, and experience in the role of the instructor.

Not sure which specialization is right for you? You have all the way up to the middle of the program to declare your specialization, so you have plenty of time to consult with faculty and staff to consider the direction of your studies.

Benefits of our Online Master of Science in Nursing

Sacred Heart’s MSN is distinguished from other graduate nursing programs with advantages that make combining your life and your studies easier:

  • Set your own pace—we know you’re busy as a working nurse! At Sacred Heart, we’ll help you schedule a curriculum map that best suits you and your personal obligations. You can take up to six years to complete the program.
  • No residency is required! Practicum hours can be completed locally.
  • Ability to transfer up to 12 credits from prior master’s-level courses (40 percent of required program credits).
  • GRE is not required.
  • An undergraduate degree in nursing is not required—just a diploma or ADN plus a bachelor’s degree in any subject.
  • Experience 24/7 convenience and the flexibility of an online curriculum. You will also have access to a Student Services Coordinator from enrollment thru graduation, and 24/7 technical support.

Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education AccreditedPlus, we have accreditations and recognition:

  • The MSN program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).1
  • SHU is ranked among the top 40 master’s level colleges and universities in the North by US News & World Report.
  • Learn from award-winning faculty members with extensive clinical experience, scholarly credentials, and cutting-edge knowledge.

Learn more about the benefits of Sacred Heart's online Master of Science in Nursing! Click here or call us at 877-791-7181 to speak to an Admissions team member.

1Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, One Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036, (202) 887-6791.